Legacy Reflections

Legacy Reflections

I took this amateur photo last Saturday. 

As I reflected, I pondered what I will be remembered for?  What is my legacy to my children, grandchildren, family and community? What can I give?  Time, talent, integrity, love, empathy, resources…?

What do you want to be remembered for?


Food, Family & Fun

Food, family and fun!  

I spent last weekend visiting with family and friends.  It was my great nephew’s Birthday.  My nephew smoked a brisket along with some pulled pork.  We had a family picnic by this fireplace – laughing and celebrating life.  


Life can be so bittersweet! We laughed and fought back tears, often at the same time.  It was a happy and sad day.  It was the one year anniversary of the death of a family member, “Uncle Piggy“.  Last April he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on September 28th, 2012.


Perspective – My sister and her husband worked their entire life, like so many people, and never had the opportunity to retire.


Gone, but not forgotten! “Uncle Piggy” earned his nickname some 35 years ago when he told my sister she was “a piggy for eating coffee ice cream”.

Auntie & Uncle Piggy

His niece looked up with wide and resolute eyes, purposely sharing: “Auntie is not a piggy, you are”!  That nickname stayed with him through my sister’s funeral and his – not just by my family, but by his entire family and all of our extended friends, too.


Knowing we all belong to the family of humanity, and life is finite inspires me to listen to others and work toward lasting change for good – Inspire it…Enjoy it…Do it!


My boss shared this insightful GuideStar article.  http://www.guidestar.org/rxa/news/articles/2013/befriending-your-donors.aspx?hq_e=el&hq_m=2088457&hq_l=18&hq_v=36f0e74a2a


“Self-confidence combined with interest in other people. These are individuals willing to look me in the eye, offer a firm handshake, and show curiosity. They’re willing to engage, and, most important, they show a talent for listening… The first three letters of fundraising are “f-u-n,” after all.”  –  Thomas Wolf


Thank you GuideStar for sharing this blog post yesterday on Google+: Teaching philanthropy – yes, it works!  http://ow.ly/phLvk


That blog post links to a study on How Parents Teach Charitable Giving matters:


What impact will the government shutdown have on individuals, families, communities, charitable giving, nonprofits…?  This article from Philanthropy Today caught my attention: http://philanthropy.com/article/Government-Shutdown-What-It/142021/?cid=pt&utm_source=pt&utm_medium=en  “We elect officials to govern, and when they fail in their obligations they get a failing grade from us,” said Diana Aviv, president of Independent Sector, a coalition of nonprofit and foundation leaders said at her organization’s annual meeting today. “Shutting down government hurts communities, it hurts poor people, it hurts families. It’s time for them to get back to the business of governing.”


What will be the legacy of this government shutdown – these elected officials?


We need to help strengthen individuals, families and communities!

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