Listen Carefully


   “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.  Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway


I am inspired by these flowers in my garden

Photo By Wendy Lane-Wright


I am inspired by these flowers in my garden. By tending to them, they grow and blossom. Much like relationships, which is the intersection of business administration, project management, human resources, and the development work I do, even if highly unusual.


For example, robust project management skills enable me to be accountable to donors and my agency by delivering agreed upon results. The projects I am accountable for in human resources and development often depend on coordinating the talents of others to achieve results. I am fortunate to work with talented colleagues, volunteers and donors who are also interested in improving the lives of our shared constituencies.  Seth Godin shares a mind stretching talk on how people who take responsibility are often given responsibility:


Each new day I make a choice, to drown in the administrative duties at hand; or keep my eye on the overarching goals that need to be achieved to fulfill our agency Mission.


In my role, I tend to the relationships by validating the good work staff do; and tend to our donors who are the driving force in putting our Mission into action!


I work at being a communicator, mentor and coach.  I find ways to communicate and help colleagues and donors grow by validating their interests, and tending to the tools and resources that help them stay interested and engaged.  Communication strategies in my toolkit include reflective listening skills, saying thank you, sharing ideas and problem solving to resolve issues quickly. 


I saw a Facebook post this week that read “Failure is proof that I am trying”!  That post reminded me of the first federal grant I worked on with a team of volunteers, 16 years ago. That grant was declined.  After many discussions with stakeholders, the next time we wrote that grant it was awarded to fund one of the first rural school-based health centers in Massachusetts.  It was a hard lesson, but that community work helped me to fall forward into the career path of development.  Tina Cincotti posted tips on how to build relationships with funders:


Another blogger that inspired me to start  blogging is Kivi Leroux Miller:


Thank you!   Published on July 14, 2013



How to Books 7-13

Recently read how to books, which are now part of my personal growth library.

This looks like a delightful cup of coffee

 Photo by The Well Read Girl

Photo by The Well Read Girl

Celebrating the great moments in life.

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