Be Inspired…Inspire Others…

I had to connect with you and tell you my good news… I was accepted at Smith College!!! I always remembered our conversations about how going there changed your life and perspectives and I thought of you many times throughout this process.   

Julissa Colon, Former Colleague


Human Relations
One colleague answered the phone and said, “You’ll want to speak with Wendy Wright, our Human Relations Manager”.

Robin Gottardi, Colleague


Always calm and professional
You’re meticulous and often see the detail that others miss. You’re always helpful, calm and professional, even in what are sometimes very stressful situations.

Anne Benoit, Colleague


Demands of HR and development functions
You are one of the best grant writers we have had, if not the best in my time…Prior to our merger, Wendy wrote the grants for our camp program.  With the loss of state funding in 2009, we had to increase efforts to raise funding from other sources and Wendy expanded efforts to identify new sources.  Wendy is conscientious, careful in her work, and meticulous…Wendy is extremely attentive to the applicable guidelines of any project she takes on…Wendy does play a dual role here, and so has to balance her time between the different demands of her HR and development functions.  She has managed this well.

Kathleen Damon, Former C.E.O., Retired


 Letter from David Scanlin 2


Brings expertise, relevant input and analytic process together

I appreciate your ability to bring your expertise, and your input is quite relevant. You have a methodical and analytic thought process that is not especially common in the non-profit world.

Bob Trammell, Former Director of Administration


Accountability and Problem Solving
Wendy is a highly committed community person and parent, who also happens to be a highly skilled and talented employee.  Wendy brings to the job a variety of skills that is unusual to find in one person: the ability to network, work positively with peers and subordinates, to organize, and be creative. In addition Wendy adds accountability and the ability to problem solve. She is astute in perceiving problems before they become problems, and in assessing the situation, determining solutions and selecting the one that will most likely produce the best result, then carrying through with a plan and assessing the outcome.

Margery Gerard, Former Supervisor


Advocacy and Integrity
Wendy’s many attributes include strong organizational and interpersonal skills, the ability to fulfill complex tasks independently—while involving other stakeholders, as appropriate—and strong advocacy skills for those in need.  Wendy is known by everyone to uphold the highest integrity in her community work   Wendy was also able to manage a number of complex projects within expected timeframes while a full-time student at Smith College.

Wendy Long, Grantwriter and Community Relations Specialist


Enormous capacity for dedication and good will
Wendy was called upon to perform a balancing act among her many commitments during her entire student career.  One of my strongest senses of her has to do with her ability to be super-organized, extraordinarily efficient, and highly focused. She is not fazed by multiple demands. She gets the work done. She continued to develop, some basic skills that made her contributions unusually strong.  For examples, she did excellent work at analyzing cases, including using quantitative methods of analysis.  She proved herself to be a careful and patient listener, and she became a good negotiation. She is a positive, calm, upbeat member of a team.  Wendy would be an extraordinary addition to a nonprofit that needs someone with a wide range of skills, a good dose of maturity and common sense, and an enormous capacity for dedication and good will.

Frances C. Volkmann, The Harold and Elsa Siipola Professor of Psychology, Emerita, Retired


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